Spring…with all the senses!

Risveglia i sensi e il palato con l'arrivo della Primavera

On March 20th at 3.06am (UTC time), Spring has officially arrived.

Nature is blooming again, days are getting longer and there is an awakening of the sensesafter the winter.

With the explosion of scents and colors we also rediscover our connection with nature: hikes in parks or in the mountains, walks on the lake shore or on the beach and the desire to be outdoors doing physical activity increase.

Gardening also offers us a healthy link to our "green" side. Taking care of plants makes us feel better and pleasantly busy, improving our mood.

Aromatic plants and herbs are also fundamental in mixology and are some of the main ingredients used to create original and delicious cocktails.

Five natural elements used in Spirito Cocktails

- Mint

It’s one of the most popular plants for cocktails.

In the ready-to-drink Mojito by Spirito Cocktails, the pleasant aromatic and floral scent is obtained thanks to an infusion of fresh mint leaves. This process allows the active ingredients and aromas to be extracted from the plant, contrary to what would happen if the mint were macerated.

- Ginger

Ginger is one of the strongest and most aromatic plants, with a "fruity" spiciness that recalls the scent of citrus fruits. In ancient times, it was a premium spice and for this reason it was taxed as a luxury good, making it available only to wealthy people.

The most famous cocktail where you can find it is the Moscow Mule. What makes ours unique?

A mixture of pure Italian vodka filtered over coals, lime juice and ginger hot infused for ten days; this releases all its intensity and gives a unique taste to the drink.

- Limes

The lime is a large family of citrus fruits of Asian origin, which derives from the cross between the lemon tree and the cedar. Its fruits, which can be easily confused, are mainly recognized by their color (greener) and shape (rounder) compared to a traditional lemon. It is the secret ingredient of some legendary cocktails such as, for example, the Daiquiri: in addition to Caribbean white rum and raw cane sugar, they represent a delicate and fragrant mixture.

- Redberry

A small berry, which contains many nutrients for the health and well-being of the person. Redberry juice is also the basis of some cocktails, such as our Cosmo Thai, where the acidity of the berry balances perfectly with the floral notes of the lychee liqueur, leaving the mouth fresh and clean after each sip.

- Mango

A sweet tropical fruit, with an unmistakable flavor, which takes us on a journey to exotic destinations. For this reason, we created Gin Sensation: a drink inspired by the tradition of Polynesian tiki cocktails. A delicious mix of fresh mango puree and an artisanal dry gin. Lychee liqueur with floral scents, ginger syrup and lime juice complete the recipe for a satisfying and multi-sensory experience.

The jury of the International Taste Institute, with sommeliers from all over the world, awarded it with the Superior Taste Award, a prize that certifies products that excel in sensorial characteristics, visual appearance, smell, taste and consistency.

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