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A tropical holiday encased in a delicious summer cocktail.

Mojito Cocktail

Pure freshness!

How to

Say goodbye to bartending improvisations and bulky bottles. Our jewel-like cocktails are always ready to be enjoyed thanks to the innovative design of the single-portion bag, easy to open, and 100% recyclable.;

Step 1
Shake the envelope to mix the ingredients

Step 2
Tear off the corner and pour over the ice

Step 3
Enjoy your drink wherever and whenever you want!

Negroni e Moscow Mule cocktails pronti da bere

2 Cocktails Selection
Negroni & Moscow Mule

Purchase your two favorite single-serving cocktails.
Due ragazzi fanno un aperitvo con un negroni e un moscow mule

2 Cocktails Selection
Negroni & Moscow Mule

Get your cocktails delivered at home. You choose where and when to enjoy them!

What our customers say

I tried the vodka sour out of curiosity...really great, highly recommend!
Mirko, Milan
Delicious cocktails and arrived in one day from the order. I tried the Variety box with their full cocktail selection and I must say that it was also very appreciated by our friends. I'll buy it again!
Alessandra, Brescia
I can't say which is the best taste because all the cocktails I've tasted so far (cosmopolitan, negroni, moscow mule) have seemed even better than those you drink around in bars. 10/10!
Dalila, Bergamo
Good, good, good! Always keep them at home, they make the perfect gift. I brought a couple to a friend and she was very happy. Now she started buying them too!
Marco, Naples
I tried their Daiquiri as an aperitif last summer on a friend's boat... nothing to say, a great drink and very comfortable for the boat life!
Simone, Brescia
I love negroni because it's really alcoholic!
Carlo, Verona

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Your favorite cocktails, wherever you want

The best handcrafted cocktails leave the bars and arrive directly at your door!

Our ready-to-drink cocktails are a mix of pure artisan spirits and selected natural ingredients. All blended in Italy and enclosed in practical single-portion bags.

It takes just a few clicks to order these precious cocktails online and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want, simply by adding ice.