Hot Cocktails to celebrate all winter long

Cocktail caldi per brindare all'inverno

While the temperatures drop and the sky turns white, nothing warms a heart and spirit like a delicious hot cocktail.

Born as a flu remedy in the English colonies and used mostly in Northern Europe to overcome the dark days, hot cocktails are a comfort for every day, not only in the mountains area.

Let's find out the most famous hot drinks, perfect for pampering yourself during the cold winter evenings.

Tom and Jerry: a long tradition

A legendary cocktail highly appreciated especially in the United States.

The name of the drink is a tribute to Pierce Egan's book “Life in London” and the subsequent play Tom and Jerry, from 1821.

Made with eggs, sugar, rum, brandy and hot milk, this smooth cocktail is often topped with a generous sprinkling of nutmeg. Its rich, creamy flavor is like a warm hug in a cup. Served in a thick mug, Tom and Jerry is perfect for gathering friends and family around the fire for an unforgettable evening.

Eggnog: the King of Christmas Cocktails

This Christmas drink, also known as “chicken milk” is a timeless classic prepared with eggs, sugar, milk, cream, nutmeg and, of course, a touch of brandy or rum.

Eggnog is composed of egg and nog, an Old English term that indicated a type of very strong beer. The French-speaking term, lait de poule, meaning it is chicken's milk, derives from the ingredients that make up the drink.

Its creamy texture and sweet flavor make Eggnog a must-have during the winter holidays.

Add a touch of cinnamon and enjoy it with a freshly baked cookie for a great sensory experience!

Bombardino, the most popular Italian hot cocktail (especially in ski resorts), is a kind of eggnog. It is a drink based on cream, hot eggnog, brandy and coffee, with regional variations that change from area to area.

Hot Toddy: The Warm Remedy for Cold Evenings

When the cold hits, nothing beats a Hot Toddy to warm the soul.

This hot cocktail is a mix of whiskey, sugar, hot water, lemon and spices. The combination of these ingredients creates a drink that is a real remedy for winter sicknesses. In the book “How to Drink,” writer Victoria Moore describes it as “Vitamin C for health, with honey that soothes, and alcohol that numbs.”

A sip of Hot Toddy will immediately make you feel better and give you a pleasant sensation of warmth.

Irish Coffee: The Perfect Combination of Coffee and the Irish Spirit

A drink that combines the strength of coffee with the warmth of alcohol. Prepared with black coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and a crown of whipped cream, this cocktail is a hymn to simplicity and elegance.

Legend has it in 1943, when chef Jose Sheridan decided to create a special drink to comfort passengers on a flight that had to return to Shannon due to bad weather.

The cocktail was so appreciated that once served everyone in the waiting room remained silent.

H.O.T. by Spirito Cocktails: The harmonious fusion between Whiskey and the sweet embrace of honey

An incredible mix of Whiskey, golden honey, fresh apple juice and a magical touch of spices such as ginger, cinnamon and star anise.

The heart of this extraordinary drink is American Whiskey which blends with the sweet embrace of honey. Fresh apple juice adds a fruity and refreshing note, balancing the cocktail perfectly.

Carefully selected spices add a magical touch: ginger brings a light touch of spiciness, cinnamon creates a sweetness that pairs elegantly with the deep flavor of Whiskey, while star anise gives an infusion of aromatic notes.

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If you want to further enrich the aroma, you can infuse the garnishes, always included in the box.

The steam rising from the cup brings with it the inviting scent of spices, anticipating the balm that will follow with each sip.

A hot cocktail is the beginning of a tasteful journey into winter.

Customize the recipe according to your tastes and have fun experimenting with new combinations of ingredients!

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