Spirito is an Italian brand that offers a line of cocktails, handcrafted and mixed in Milan, ready to drink: just add ice. We arrived on the market after doing a lot of research to reach excellent recipes, having two key concepts to guide us: high quality raw materials and "Made in Italy".
Actually, there is a world of flavors, sensations and subtle nuances, behind the ingredients that make up a cocktail. For this reason, we have decided not to use any industrial alcoholic product, instead allowing carte blanche to our master blenders to find just the perfect ingredients that can harmonize flavors and offer a full taste on the palate.
Three simple gestures are enough to enjoy it: shake, pour and taste.


Portiamo l'esperienza del cocktail fuori dal contesto del bar, senza rinunciare alla qualità del prodotto.

Materie prime selezionate dal nostro partner, liquorificio di terza generazione e ricette bilanciate meticolosamente dal nostro mixologist con pluriennale esperienza nel settore, sono i valori sui quali puntiamo per conquistare e soddisfare le esigenze dei nostri clienti.


The word "spirit" has many different meanings. To have the right spirit means to be in the state of mind to do something, to face things with the right "spirit", as the Italians say. But when it comes to drinking, spirit is synonymous with liqueur and there are three different theories as to why the liquor, or distillate, has taken this name.

A theory goes back to Aristotle, who wrote of the distillation process in 327 b.C. and who thought that drinking beer or distilled wine instilled "spirits" in the body of the drinker.

Another theory goes back to biblical times: the "first spectators of Pentecost misunderstood the effects intoxication caused by too much wine for the effect of the Holy Spirit on the disciples."

The third explanation dates back to the very first age where men managed to discover the distillation of liquors: alchemists in the Middle East were the first to dominate the process while they were actually trying to create medical elixirs. And they themselves described distillation as the collection of steam, thus making the "spirit" come out of the matter. In other words, the spirit of the liquor is leaving the lower alcohol-based liquid, before descending into a purer form to drink. So we are drinking the spirit of the fermented liquid.

And this is why SPIRITO is our way of introducing a new shape to known ingredients and blends, but at the same time it is also a new "spirit", the renewed spirit of a typically Italian living room that does not live by nostalgia and Amarcord, and is instead defined by the desire to dare, to enjoy oneself and to enjoy life.