The design cocktail box for mixology lovers

You've finally found it: the perfect gift for your moments of relaxation and evenings with friends!

With the new My Ritual Box of 10 cocktails, you can give and receive as a gift a box with an elegant and refillable design that contains your ten favorite Spirit Cocktails.

Who has never dreamed of always having their favorite drink at hand? With this new box by Spirito Cocktails, you can choose the ten mixes you love most and enjoy an exclusive cocktail experience, alone or with friends.

Cocktails are ready in just a few moments and can be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like. Quite simply, the perfect gift idea for mixology enthusiasts and for all those who love to enrich their kitchen or living room with objects of style and taste. 

My Ritual Box of 10 cocktails contains:

  • 10 Spirito Cocktails of your choice in a refillable collector's edition.

Refill My Ritual Box!

Out of cocktails? No problem: refill your box in a few hours by buying a pack of 5 or 10 cocktails single portion:


My Ritual Box 10 cocktails - Your selection

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    Tre gesti per un cocktail perfetto

    Abbiamo disegnato la busta monoporzione di ogni cocktail per donarti un oggetto di design dall’aspetto accattivante e dal cuore innovativo. La busta conserva alla perfezione i sapori e i profumi del drink, è completamente riciclabile e permette di sorseggiare un cocktail pronto da bere in tre semplici gesti:
    1- Agita la busta per mescolare gli ingredienti;
    2- Strappa l’angolo e versa sul ghiaccio;
    3- Goditi il tuo Drink dove vuoi, con chi vuoi!