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Vodka, water, sugar, lemon juice, aromas, albumin, acidifier: citric acid

Clear and shiny, almost colorless and with a fresh vibe, this dry but still soft drink is a member of the sour family. Its taste has breezy and sweet accents thanks to the sugar and lemon, and that's why it's so easy on the mouth, with a light cereal aftertaste, which comes by the vodka itself.

Three gestures for a perfect cocktail

We designed the single-serving envelope of each cocktail to give you a design object with an attractive appearance and an innovative heart. The envelope perfectly preserves the flavors and aromas of the drink, is completely recyclable, and allows you to sip a cocktail ready to drink in three simple steps:
1- Shake the envelope to mix the ingredients;
2- Tear off the corner and pour on the ice;
3- Enjoy your drink wherever you want, with whoever you want!

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