Old Fashioned in busta pronto da bere
Old Fashioned cocktail di Spirito Cocktails
Old Fashioned in busta pronto da bere
Old Fashioned cocktail di Spirito Cocktails

5 single flavor box - OLD FASHIONED

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Our Old Fashioned represents the best of the iconic cocktail. Handcrafted bourbon whiskey aged three years in Kentucky, sugar, and angostura.

An American cocktail with an almost mythical allure, the ready-to-drink Old Fashioned contains the best of what can be asked for in terms of bourbon whiskey. Produced by an artisan Kentucky distillery that controls the entire whiskey chain from the corn harvest to bottling, this precious distillate is the basis of our Old Fashioned, to which we add raw sugar and angostura, a natural infusion of herbs, spices, and roots.



33% Vol 10 cl

What makes our Old Fashioned ready to drink unique?

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • ONLY artisan spirits and natural dyes
  • WITHOUT gluten, sulfites, industrial distillates

Mixologist's Advice

Old Fashioned is one of the most famous and most drunk cocktails ever. Excellent to serve on the rocks after dinner, its ideal presentation is in a low tumbler garnished with an orange peel and a maraschino cherry.

Three gestures for a perfect cocktail

We designed the single-serving envelope of each cocktail to give you a design object with an attractive appearance and an innovative heart. The envelope perfectly preserves the flavors and aromas of the drink, is completely recyclable, and allows you to sip a cocktail ready to drink in three simple steps:
1- Shake the envelope to mix the ingredients;
2- Tear off the corner and pour on the ice;
3- Enjoy your drink wherever you want, with whoever you want!