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Red vermouth, water, alcohol hydrate, sugar, herbal infusion, distilled gin, natural aromas.

Its color is ruby red, with intense orange accents. Intense, decided, piercing, sweet and pervasive. Very rich taste. You can clearly taste its gin flavor, together with the warm, savory vermouth. A spicy and sour mixture, thanks to the herbs of the bitter.

Three gestures for a perfect cocktail

We designed the single-serving envelope of each cocktail to give you a design object with an attractive appearance and an innovative heart. The envelope perfectly preserves the flavors and aromas of the drink, is completely recyclable, and allows you to sip a cocktail ready to drink in three simple steps:
1- Shake the envelope to mix the ingredients;
2- Tear off the corner and pour on the ice;
3- Enjoy your drink wherever you want, with whoever you want!

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