Happy caviar Box: caviale Calvisius e Cosmopolitan
Happy caviar box per un aperitivo elegante
Happy caviar Box: caviale Calvisius e Cosmopolitan
Happy caviar box per un aperitivo elegante


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The aperitif becomes a luxury experience: Cosmopolitan Spirito Cocktails and Calvisius Caviar.

Spirito Cocktails and Calvisius Caviar present a prestigious collaboration that brings an exclusive tasting experience to your home:

  • 2 ready-to-drink Cosmopolitan cocktails
  • 2 tins of 30 gr of Calvisius Tradition Prestige, the best caviar of white sturgeon bred in Italy.

The Happy Caviar Box Spirito Cocktails is perfect for preparing an irresistible aperitif menu for two in just a few steps.

Happy Caviar combines the rich and rounded taste of caviar with the purity of a Cosmopolitan with Italian vodka, which refreshes the mouth with every bite, preparing it for the next one.

An elegant and precious aperitif, to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want. The perfect gift to surprise your loved ones with a 5 star tasting experience.

Cosmopolitan Spirito Cocktails

Our Cosmopolitan is a balanced blend of artisanal Italian vodka filtered three times over coals; fresh cranberry juice, lemon juice and a few drops of Triple Sec.

The result is a fresh and fruity Cosmopolitan that pairs perfectly with the rich, marine flavor of caviar.



21% Vol 10 cl

Spirito Cocktails' menu features only cocktails blended in Italy with artisanal spirits and natural ingredients, categorically free of gluten, sulfites and industrial spirits.

Calvisius Caviar - Tradition Prestige

Tradition Prestige caviar is obtained from white sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Ocean and distributed from Alaska to Lower California.

It is a caviar with a balanced and round taste, suitable for the most demanding palates. Eggs are large in size, from 2.8 to 3 millimeters, characterized by a coloration which varies from dark grey to black.

It takes about 12 years to obtain this caviar.

Excellent to be eaten alone, sturgeon eggs are delicious accompanied by a warm potato cream or a soft burrata cheese.


  • - Serve cold from fridge
  • - Store in refrigerator between 0+4°
  • - Consume within 48 hours of opening
  • - Shelf life intact: 90 days

    Calvisius products are shipped and placed in special isothermal containers or by refrigerated carrier to maintain maximum freshness. After delivery, we recommend storing the product in the refrigerator.

    Delivery in Italy and European Union countries.

    On weekdays delivery will take place within 72 working hours for orders received before 10.00 AM. Orders received during the weekend will leave the following Monday.

    Three gestures for a perfect cocktail

    We designed the single-serving envelope of each cocktail to give you a design object with an attractive appearance and an innovative heart. The envelope perfectly preserves the flavors and aromas of the drink, is completely recyclable, and allows you to sip a cocktail ready to drink in three simple steps:
    1- Shake the envelope to mix the ingredients;
    2- Tear off the corner and pour on the ice;
    3- Enjoy your drink wherever you want, with whoever you want!