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cocktails ready to drink

What we want to give you is an experience that transcends the concept of a bar and enters the most loved places and moments: the evening at home, the aperitif in the garden or on the boat, the drink at the hotel, the toast at the birthday party...

Our cocktails in single-portions are always ready to drink, wherever and whenever you want, to celebrate both your special moments and your relaxing evenings with refined flavors and aromas.

artisan heart, Italian soul

Each of our cocktails is the result of careful research and selection of the best natural ingredients and artisan spirits of small traditional distilleries.

Pure as gems, our drinks are blended in Italy, in a Milanese liqueur factory that has belonged to the same family for three generations, without adding industrial distillates, synthetic dyes, gluten, or sulfites.

The decisive and aromatic character is the result of the recipes of the mixologist Cristian Manassi, a bartender with a vast experience who helps us to create real masterpieces to be sipped slowly.